“Wash and Go,” or is There More?

Let’s talk about the wash and go method–we all have heard of the term “wash and go.” In spite of the name, there is much more to it than just washing our hair, and walking out of the door. I love my curls, always have, but there is no way I would wash my hair and walk out of the door. If I was to do so, it would be a disaster! When I do a wash and go, it is rarely with shampoo. Instead of using shampoo I use conditioner. The reason behind it is that my hair after shampooing requires a lot of moisture. The bare minimal of moisture for me, is letting my conditioner set for at least a half an hour. Even after conditioning, I would at least have to add oil to my hair. The oils I use are Keratin, Aragon, or Coconut.

I know that because of the term “wash and go”, you would automatically assume that’s what you would do. No, no, no! You just cannot wash your hair daily. I know that it’s the summer time. Natural hair is the go to style for spring and summer. However, over shampooing your hair can make your hair dry and brittle, and let’s not forget about the toll it takes on your poor scalp. So what can you do to combat this? The answer to this dilemma is to co-wash, co-wash and then co-wash again! A co-wash is when you put a hair conditioner in your hair while you are in the shower, or even out of the shower, for just a few minutes, after massaging it into your scalp for extra cleansing. I do not wash my hair with shampoo often–I try to use it once a month at a minimum if at all possible. In between those breaks, I use apple cider vinegar to cleanse as well as co-wash my hair.

Let’s get right down to it. When I do a wash and go, the majority of the process is done in the shower. I never recommend detangling curly hair while it is dry. I detangle my hair when it is subemerged under warm water. My detangling is done under water so that I have less shedding. Once my hair is wet I apply conditioner. My current conditioner is an olive cholesterol super shine and moisturizer. Olive Cholesterol is actually a deep conditioner for damaged hair, but it works just fine for my wash and go’s. At the end of my shower which is about five to ten minutes, I begin to rinse out the conditioner, usually detangling with my fingers, and occasionally with a paddle brush, depending on how tangled my hair is. I do recommend that you limit the amount of combing and brushing of your hair to a minimum. By minimum, I mean that you are not detangling with a comb or brush daily. You should always limit the number of times you comb or brush your hair to reduce hair loss, and split ends. While detangling, I make sure that I am positioning my hair the way I want to wear it for the day.

While in the shower, I may fluff my hair, but, once I’m out, let me tell you, I’m out. If there is no water running over my hair, I do my best not to disturb the curl-pattern. I know that may sound silly, but my hair is pretty soft, so if I toy with my hair, it may frizz. I do not wrap my hair in a towel, that would be disastrous, and defeat the styling I did while in the shower. I spray a light oil on the full of my hair. There are some other products that I may use such as Organix hair yogurt, or Dark and Lovely anti-shrinkage curl defining cream. However, for the most part, my wash and goes are kept simple, and the final touch is moisturizing with light oil. No two heads of hair are the same–with that being said, I have checked out other blogs, and I have seen some different approaches to the wash and go method. If you’re looking to read up on some other articles on the wash and go method, there is plenty to learn HERE.

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