For the love of coconut oil


There are several oils that I use, but coconut oil is at the top of my list. There are many uses for coconut oil. Below are some of the reasons why I will forever keep coconut oil on my grocery list.

  1. Prepo
  2. Hair and scalp moisturizer
  3. Great for scalp messages
  4. Penetrates the hair follicle
  5. Excellent addition to l.o.c or l.c.o method
  6. Gives hair a great shine
  7. Mixes well with other oils and butters
  8. Light enough for daily usage
  9. You can find it at any grocery store
  10. Oil pulling for whiter teeth
  11. Great to use on scars and burns even excema
  12. Mix with shea butter for stretch marks
  13. A healthy cooking oil alternative

I’m sure that coconut oil is not everyone’s favorite oil, but I have grown quite fond of it. There will always be a place in my cabinet for coconut oil.This list is just a few of the benefits of coconut oil. Taking time to find your favorite oil can be both fun and helpful. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail.

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