Holiday cheer and Afros

Happy holidays Afro frenzies! Welcome back to the blog. With the holidays upon us I thought I would share some ways to add a little extra suttin suttin to your look to help you celebrate the holidays.

So, here’s the deal sis you can literally make simple hairstyles glam. You can do a simple hairstyle and adorn your hair with hair Jewlery. I’m talking hair rings, cuffs, ropes, beads, shells and clips.

Last Christmas I braided my own hair in simple straight backs. I mean they were an assortment of sizes you know how we do. In the end I added gold cuffs and rope. It was just the right touch the style needed.

For the ladies who aren’t into pulling your hair up but still want a sleek look I gotchu girl. Just simply sleek down the front of your hair secure with hair pins or stylish clips ( if you feeling fancy)and boom you gotta a look! This look brings out your face you can give em ear rings and all that.

If your looking for something bold maybe color is a option. But remember it’s only for the holidays. Perserve your hair with a rinse or a temporary color spray. You may even want to try your hand at some hair paint wax. Adding hair is always an option and ain’t no shame in coloring somebody else hair O…KAY..👏🏾.

Last but not least heatless curls is a thing. If your looking for a more maicured look bust out some flexi rods , rods curlers or set your Bantu knots and voila. It’s the perfect idea for a holiday party. No use in using heat for just one night.

Whatever hairstyle you choose I hope you also choose to enjoy this season. This is my absolute favorite time of year. I been watching Christmas specials since October. Yes baby ya girl been ready! Happy holidays from Afro Frenzy to all of you. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you and you will never fail!

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