Wash day Was happenin

img_1698Hey Afro Frenzy’s. Happy Sunday to you! Today Im just going to talk about my latest wash day. I haven’t done much updating with my wash day routine (atleast I don’t think I have). This blog post should just give you all a bit of insight of what I have been doing lately.

This particular washday involved actual shampoo. I don’t always use shampoo on washday being as though I have been doing my hair like every week/week in a half. If I used shampoo every time I would be dry on dry central.

My indicator that its time to do something to my head is just my hair becoming dry. Another deciding factor is my curls not being as defined as before, or just looking all together rough. Basically when pulling off my bonnet and taken down my pineapple and shaking aint enough.

On this wash day I started off by pre-pooing my hair with extra virgin coconut oil. I worked the oil in to my hair and gently finger detangled. I finished off my pre-poo with a scalp massage for blood flow and just to put a little something on my scalp.

I honestly don’t always pre-poo. But on the washdays that Im using shampoo I make it a point to make sure that I do. I like to protect my hair and scalp from the stripping that the shampoo can do. I have a temperamental scalp and this just works.

I  let the oil sit on my hair any where from 15 minutes to a half an hour. After my hair was all set I used Organix’s coconut milk shampoo. As you may have guessed I love Ogaranix’s hair products. I especially like their shampoos and conditioners. I have a large bottle of the coconut milk shampoo so it made since to use.

What I love about this shampoo is that its hydrating and I like my shampoo to have a moisturizing quality. I don’t want to feel like all the moisture from my hair is completely stripped. 

Im not a fan of squeaky clean hair. Its a no on the squeak squeak,  but this shampoo doesn’t do that. Not to mention that their products are sulfate free which is also a plus.

Now before I shampoo my hair I section my hair and  detangle in sections. I tend to go with four sections. I do it in sections to cut down on tangles. Its a nightmare and I aint wit it.

After shampooing I de tangle again because, I notice that the motion of scrubbing your scalp can tangle your hair (if your not paying attention). This isn’t necessary I just do it. I don’t detangle very much if at all between washday/styling so Im not really that concerned about shedding.

Once I finished shampooing I used Beauty and planet’s Hemp seed oil and nana leaf conditioner. I just have to stop right here and tell y’all. Omg gurl this conditioner right here smells so good. Im telling you. People legit think I have on perfume with this in my hair .

The conditioner has such a lovely smell they out did themselves on this one. I know I was just raving about their white jasmine because you can leave it in which is a definite plus I just had to tell yall. Okay back to the wash day at hand lol.

I brushed the conditioner through my hair with my denaman brush to make sure my conditioner was evenly distributed. It also brings out my curls and when I rinse out my hair I know that I don’t have any tangles.Walking around with tangles until the next washday is just not the move.

After I applied my conditioner I put my hair  in Nubian knots and covered it with a plastic bag ( I aint to bouge to reuse and repurpose a plastic bag O..Kay..but a plastic cap works fine too). After that I just go about my day and let the conditioner do its magic.

I can’t lie to yall I ended up having to go out so I tossed my hair in a ponytail did what I had to do and the next day I rinsed it out. I know yall I said I was working on not doing the most with my deep conditioning. The day got away from ya gurl what more can I say 🤷🏾‍♀️. Plus yall know Im a huge fan of the two part wash day. If you haven’t read it check out here.

Once I rinsed out the amazing smelling conditioner I checked for tangles and then moved on to my styling. I wasn’t really feeling any particular style for this week.I wasn’t really up for anything that I had to really work at. I ended up sticking to my tried and true wash and go. Also known as wash and however this thing come out we rocking with it.

While my hair was still damp I applied coconut oil to my hair. Then I sealed it in with some more of of my Rose water and collagen oil Shea butter. Put my hair in a pineapple and let it dry.

I can’t say that much has changed from the usual. Or what has become my new normal for wash day. I like my wash day to be as simple and easy as possible . Everything I did is pretty straight foward but hopefully it was helpful. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

P.S the tools use for this wash day were a wide tooth comb and. Denman brush only.

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